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Free download DuckStation apk 0.1-6251 latest version for android Smartphone.



DuckStation apk file for Android

Experience the excitement of DuckStation, the ultimate Arcade Game in the virtual realm! Secure your free download of the DuckStation APK 0.1-6251 latest version for Android. As the most popular Arcade Game, DuckStation offers a thrilling journey through various battle arenas. Skip the Google Play Store hassles and download the APK directly from our site. Rest assured, our files are clean, without any viruses or malware.

For a hassle-free experience, directly download the APK file to your device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Take control of your gaming experience and install the Game on your terms.

DuckStation Apk Download free for Android

Are you in search of a free Android APK file? Look no further! Click now for a direct download link to the DuckStation APK. With a single click, initiate a super-fast download. Don’t worry about your internet connection; get your APK file instantly.

DuckStation Apk features:

DuckStation HD PS1 PSX Emulator

DuckStation is an simulator/emulator of the Sony PlayStation(TM) / PSX / PS1 console, focusing on playability, speed, and long-term maintainability. The goal is to be as accurate as possible while maintaining high performance.

A “BIOS” ROM image is required to start the emulator and to play games. A ROM image is not provided with the emulator for legal reasons, you should dump this from your own console using Caetla or other means. These are usually dumped as “scphNNNN.bin” or “ps-NNN.bin”, where NNNN is the model number or ROM version, and should be 512KB in size. Games are NOT provided with the emulator, it can only be used to play legally purchased and dumped games.

DuckStation supports cue, iso, img, ecm, mds, chd, and unencrypted PBP game images. If your games are in other formats, you will need to convert or re-dump them. For single track games in bin format, you can use to generate cue files.

Features include:

– OpenGL, Vulkan (recommended) and software rendering

– Upscaling, texture filtering, and true colour (24-bit) in hardware renderers

– Widescreen rendering in supported games (no stretching!)

– PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation (fixes texture “wobble”/polygon fighting)

– Adaptive downsampling filter

– 60fps in PAL games where supported

– Per-game settings (set enhancements and controller mapping for each game individually)

– Up to 8 controllers in supported game with multitap

– Controller and keyboard binding (+vibration for controllers)

– RetroAchievements in supported games (

– Memory card editor (move saves, import gme/mcr/mc/mcd)

– Built in patch code database

– Save states with preview screenshots

– Blazing fast turbo speeds in mid to high end devices

– Emulated CPU overclocking to improve FPS in games

– Rewinding (do not use on slow devices)

– Controller layout editing and scaling (in pause menu)

DuckStation supports both 32-bit/64-bit ARM, and 64-bit x86 devices. However, due to it being a more accurate emulator, hardware requirements can be moderate. If you have a 32-bit ARM device, please do not expect the emulator to perform well – you will need at least a 1.5GHz CPU for good performance.

**For high upscaling (more than 2x) you will need at least a mid range device. This is because of how many pixels the emulator needs to render/shade – it is not a question of optimization.**

Game compatibility list:


1. Install and run the app for the first time.

2. Add game directories by tapping the add button and selecting a directory. You can add additional directories afterwards by selecting “Edit Game Directories” from the menu.

3. Tap a game to start. When you start a game for the first time it will prompt you to import a BIOS image.

If you have an external controller, you will need to map the buttons and sticks in settings.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. This project is not affiliated in any way with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Duck icon by icons8:

This app is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License (BY-NC-ND 4.0,

Games shown are:

– Hover Racing:

– Fromage:


What’s New in the Latest Version 0.1-6251
Last updated on Dec 27, 2023

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

DuckStation Apk Installation Guide – Google Play Store:

Follow these simple steps for an easy installation from the Google Play Store:
● Ensure your mobile device is connected to the internet. Open the Google Play Store.
● Search for “DuckStation” Game.
● Click the install button.
● Wait for the download and installation to complete.

DuckStation Apk Installation from Apk File Downloader –

● If you face issues with internet connectivity, install the DuckStation Game Application on your mobile device.
● using the DuckStation APK file available on Follow these steps:
● Visit
● Search for “DuckStation” Apk.
● Download the APK file.
● Open your file manager, locate the APK file, and double-click.
● Click the install button.
● Wait for the installation to finish.
Note: An internet connection is required to Run Apk.


Immerse yourself in DuckStation’s world of endless Arcade and exciting challenges. Don’t forget to rate and review the Game to help us create more entertaining experiences. Drive ahead and enjoy the thrill of DuckStation!


Price: Free

Technical Information

Version: 0.1-6251
File size: 15.3 MB
Copyright: com.github.stenzek.duckstation

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