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Zombotron Re-Boot

By Ant.Karlov Games

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Free download Zombotron Re-Boot apk 1.1.0 latest version for android Smartphone.



Zombotron Re-Boot apk file for Android

Experience the excitement of Zombotron Re-Boot, the ultimate Action Game in the virtual realm! Secure your free download of the Zombotron Re-Boot APK 1.1.0 latest version for Android. As the most popular Action Game, Zombotron Re-Boot offers a thrilling journey through various battle arenas. Skip the Google Play Store hassles and download the APK directly from our site. Rest assured, our files are clean, without any viruses or malware.

For a hassle-free experience, directly download the APK file to your device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Take control of your gaming experience and install the Game on your terms.

Zombotron Re-Boot Apk Download free for Android

Are you in search of a free Android APK file? Look no further! Click now for a direct download link to the Zombotron Re-Boot APK. With a single click, initiate a super-fast download. Don’t worry about your internet connection; get your APK file instantly.

Zombotron Re-Boot Apk features:

Explore a mysterious world, find weapons and fight various enemies to survive!

Fight with zombies, with evil robots and other undead creatures to survive in the crazy world of Zombotron. The action takes place on an unknown one day colonized planet, which over time was abandoned and forgotten by people. Find and rescue survivals to discover the mystery of the mysterious planet together.

Zombotron Re-Boot is a remaster of the original Zombotron Flash game series, with updated graphics, an improved physics engine and new, incredibly rich effects!

Key Features:

— Well-developed destructible physical world;

— Lots of different weapons;

— You can destroy enemies using the environment;

— Various enemies with unique abilities;

— Use the gamepad and headphones for best experience.

How to play:

— Use the left screen stick to control the hero;

— Use the right screen stick to aim and HOLD a direction to attack;

— Interact with the environment to activate interactive objects;

— Discover the levels to find new weapons and keep track of your ammunition;

— Just take a break for healing – the hero is healed automatically.

What’s New in the Latest Version 1.1.0
Last updated on Jan 9, 2024

— Added laser sight and auto aiming;
— Added control settings;
— Added the ability to skip the animation of the flight of the soul to the point of resurrection, improved the system of resurrections at levels;
— Changed, the hero can open chests and interact with buttons while reloading weapons;
— Fixed, when the hero stands close to enemies, bullets do not fly out behind them, but certainly hit the enemy;
— Also other great improvements and fixes!

Zombotron Re-Boot Apk Installation Guide – Google Play Store:

Follow these simple steps for an easy installation from the Google Play Store:
● Ensure your mobile device is connected to the internet. Open the Google Play Store.
● Search for “Zombotron Re-Boot” Game.
● Click the install button.
● Wait for the download and installation to complete.

Zombotron Re-Boot Apk Installation from Apk File Downloader –

● If you face issues with internet connectivity, install the Zombotron Re-Boot Game Application on your mobile device.
● using the Zombotron Re-Boot APK file available on apkfiledownloader.com. Follow these steps:
● Visit apkfiledownloader.com.
● Search for “Zombotron Re-Boot” Apk.
● Download the APK file.
● Open your file manager, locate the APK file, and double-click.
● Click the install button.
● Wait for the installation to finish.
Note: An internet connection is required to Run Apk.


Immerse yourself in Zombotron Re-Boot’s world of endless Action and exciting challenges. Don’t forget to rate and review the Game to help us create more entertaining experiences. Drive ahead and enjoy the thrill of Zombotron Re-Boot!


Price: Free

Technical Information

Version: 1.1.0
File size: 100.3 MB
Copyright: ru.antkarlov.zombotron

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